The Shire Of Beau Fort invites you to

Golden Lily XVIII – The 11th Hour War

Join us for a day of Fighting, Archery & Live Weapons, A&S Classes, and more!

May 19, 2018, A.S. LIII
Jackson County Equestrian Center
2219 Wheeler Cemetery Road, Maysville, GA 30558
Site opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM ET.

Heavy Combat Tournaments

Heavy Fighting Marshall – Baron Michael von Grüningen
  • Lyst Mistress – Baroness Isabetta de San Marco

Arise, arise, warriors of Meridies! Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter! 

  • The Shire of Beau Fort challenges all fighters to come exhibit their prowess and strength. Our Knight’s Marshal, Baron Michael, will oversee the field of honor for the Golden Lily tournament and afternoon melee battle.
  • The Golden Lily Tournament will be a standard double-elimination tournament and an excellent opportunity to warm-up your tourney skills before Spring Arts & Sciences and Crown List the following weekend..
  • The fighting field will be open for pickups following the tournaments but will be closed prior to Court.
9 am Weapons & Armor Inspections
10 am Golden Lily Tournament
12 pm to 1 pm Lunch
1 pm Bridesmaids Tourney
  Golden Lily Tournament
  • Standard double-elimination tournament
  • Open to all authorized heavy fighters
Bridesmaids Tournament
  • Standard double-elimination tournament
  • Open to all authorized fighters who have never won a tournament.

Rapier Tournaments

Rapier Marshall – Captain Nikoslav Mikolaevich
  • Lyst Mistress – Lady Juliane de Vivionne
9 am Weapons & Armor Inspections
10 am to ~12 pm Golden Lily Triskelion Tournament
12 pm to 1 pm Lunch
2 pm to 4 pm Pas d’Armes

Golden Lily Triskelion Tournament

  • Round one: everyone starts with a single rapier.
  • Second and consecutive Rounds: anyone with zero losses must fight single sword. Anyone with one loss may use a defensive secondary. Anyone with two losses may use their choice of weapons.
  • Triple elimination
  • All Scarfes (MoD or MoB) are always required to use single sword against a nonscarf.

Pas d’Armes – Golden Lily Rapier Champion

  • Requires a gallery of lords and ladies to “judge” the fighters on their prowess, courtesy, honour, etc. In the absence of a gallery, the Scarfes (being any available MoB’s or MoD’s) holding the field will serve as judges.
  • All Scarfed fighters are to take and hold the field against all comers.
  • Each challenger may challenge each Scarfe up to three times, each in different weapon styles. Each set will consist of 3 passes only.
  • After each set, the Scarfe and the challenger will present themselves to the Minister of the Lysts to report the win or loss and any commentary that the Scarfe would like to add. The Minister should take notes if they can. The challenger must then retire from the field and challenge a different Scarfe.
  • After all Challengers have exhausted their turns, the Scarfes shall convene with the Gallery and the Minister of the Lysts to determine a winner based on the above criteria.

Target Archery & Live Weapons

Range Marshall – Lord Conrad Engelhart
9 am Weapons Inspection & Open Range
10 am Golden Lily Tournament
12 pm to 1 pm Lunch
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Leather Quivers for your Persona – Master Petros Mystikos (Archery Range)
1:30 pm Novelty Tournament
3 pm to 4:30 pm Open Range

Royal Round

  • Consists of 6 shafts at 20, 30, & 40 yards, plus a 30-sec speed round at 20 yards.
  • Target is a standard 5 ring with a 60cm face (approx. 2′ diameter).
  • The total of these four rounds = a Royal Round.
  • 3 Royal Rounds are submitted for rank in Meridies.
Novelty Tournament


Combat Archery

Range Marshall – Lady Satara al Katiba & Lord Gunnar inn Hviti
1 pm to 2 pm Cold Steel Rain: Strategy and Tactics of Combat Archery – Lord Gunnar inn Hviti (Upstairs Hall)
 2 pm to 3 pm How to Become a Combat Archer – Lady Satara al Katiba (archery range)
3 pm to 5 pm Combat Archery Authorizations -Lady Satara & Lord Gunnar (archery range)